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What is Take5 all about ?

Take5 is an fast, user-friendly and affordable
stop motion animation program. Make your own
animations with objects or figures within minutes.
Why don't you give Take5 a try, it's fun and free.

What does a Take5 animation look like ?

How is Take5 used ?

Capture images from a video camera or webcam
and instantly play them as an animation. Easely
change the order and sequence of the frames.
See the Take5 workflow in detail here [157 KB]

Frame-accurate editing in the xsheet

What is Take5 used for ?

Take5 animation software is used to produce
stop motion films with clay, plasticine, lego
figures and puppets. It is also great to make
cut-out, sand, oil paint and paper animations.

Take5 used to make oil paint animation

Who uses Take5 ?

Take5 is used in schools and animation workshops
as an educational tool and by animation studios
and professional animators as a production tool.
Home enthousiasts use Take5 to make their
favourite objects and figures come alive.

Take5 used in an animation workshop