The Take5 Animation Recorder

Capture images from a standard or high resolution
video camera or a webcam and instantly play them
as an animation in realtime.

use a video camera or a webcam

What are the main features of Take5 ?

Supports all standard types of video source
See stored frames through the live image
Alternate stored frames with the live image
Easily rearrange the order of the frames
Easily adjust the timing of the frames
Play audiotracks with the animation
Automatically reduce video noise
Export movies as avi-files
and more

Take5 is great for penciltesting as well

What do i need to use Take5 ?

A PC with lots of RAM (512MB or more)
A DirectX9 compatible graphics card
A DirectX9 compatible video source
A reasonably sized computer monitor
Of course a video camera or webcam
An optional reprostand or tripod
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